Overview of Our Basics

Here you will find information about our basic methodologies and training.
  • Basics
    Basics are taught to all within their abilities. Every person may have limitations or extraordinary talent that we challenge each person to foster or manage. We believe all abilities have the potential to teach and ever expand the Tongsau system. If you have a limitation, you will find yourself welcome with us. We want to learn from you just as much as you may want to learn from us.
    The Basics are about getting people to move and function and they hide the many different principles of Tongsau. You must have a good grasp of the basics to understand the Advanced theories of combat and the Tongsau system.
  • Advanced Technique
    Advanced technique may be taught to anyone who is capable of learning, however most people are not ready for this type of training content. Some may find it less fun, or too challenging. Some just may be turned off to learning the technical side to everything.
    If you are interested in the Advanced training methods, please let your instructor know that you don't want to be left out of the rich wisdom locked inside of every technique.
    Some advanced technique may be unsuitable for immature or less controlled persons and may be withheld for safety reasons.
  • Weaponry
    Only the most available weapons should be taught is a theory, however we strive to teach the concepts of all ancient weapons and those weapons found in common situations. The common weapons of today include knives, sticks and clubs (or bats) but we also teach combat sword fighting from traditional ancient samurai (similar to kendo - but much more fun to learn)
    Weaponry study should always be understood from the unarmored conception. Many weapon training techniques are not valid since they are trained in full body armor, or simply have poor conceptions of reality.