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What is Shaolin Tongsau?

Tongsau is a martial art, a meditative art, and a healing art. Heal your pain and learn a deadly martial art:

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Health & Life benefits of Tongsau

Tongsau contains many health and Life benefits. First, as a healing art, it has the ability to correct damage you may be doing to your body, beyond what a Chiropractor can do. Second, it teaches you to maintain your body easily, without major activity. Tongsau is suitble for all abilities as it is not taught as a combative art in most classes. Tongsau is normally taught as a meditative practice of healing first principle. Tongsau is the ancient word for "Karate, before the Okinawan (Uchina) transmission to Japan in the 1920s when Gichin Funakoshi transmitted the information to the Japanese in the form of Shotokan Karate.

The Art also continued within other arts such as Jujitsu, Taiji, and Systema. When Jujitsu transmitted from Shoalin in the 1500s in China it was taught as a complete art of meditation, and movement. A way to understand life. When Aikido rebirthed many of the old principles of White Crane Gong fu, it awakened an old truth that unites the Tao with conflict.

Later Tongsau principles scattered into the islands of the Pacific from the religion wars that swept across China. When the Shaolin Temple was burned, most of the teachers were hunted. Since this was not a Chinese massacre, one would have to ask, what did the Tartars find so bad, at Shaolin, that they needed to hunt them down and kill them? It was Tongsau. The ancient art that was principly given by Hebrews, later Jews, and then Christian ideas that later came into form the principles of Taoism and some fundamentals of Buddhism.

Alternative Healing through Taiji, QiGong, and Counseling

Expert Pain Management Techniques to heal

$10 minimum healing sessions
heal CHRONIC Pain, Fybromyalgia
Weight Loss, ancient diet secrets

Full personal healing

Tongsau is a complete art of life. It is filled with systems of knowledge. Combat, is only one of them. If you wish to train in the old methods, contact me. Okinawa-Te classes are $200 per month. Private training $50 per session.

    Unlicensed bone setting



    Combative training

    The Doctor

    It's only when you train in the most deadly arts that you begin to truely value life. Real life dicipline requires a mature mind to study the aspects of death that make life so precious.

    We currently operate as a non-profit school for private instruction and healing sessions only. If you want to be on our schedule to learn or if you would like to know more about our training:

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We teach methods long lost in many arts

Many of the skills we teach are not found in other places to train: From ancient Okinawa to the hanging gardens of Babylon. Every martial art, understood in it's application of healing, combat, and life.

Over 40 years of experience

Our Senshi has trained in many many arts to bring back the fullness of Tongsau.

tailored programs for any level of ability from athlete to limited mobility

Internal Martial Art

Internal arts art taught from the healing method. While I have trained in many forms of Chinese Internal arts, My focus in on the application of Tongsau, the healing movements of life.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Taiji principles are taught from a top dowm method in healing. In martial application they are taught from the combative aspect first.

External Martial Art

External Martial arts such as Kempo and jujitsu are the main arts that make up traditional Shaolin. Later the creation of the Hawaiian cultural capitol, when many martial artists escaped Japenase facisim and religious oppression in Japan or China, many masters left the land escaping Tartar huntings, and settled in Taiwan, Okinawa, Malasia, and the Philipines. These are where the rest of the arts branched off into Escrima, Kali, and Silat among many other arts. Tongsau is the bridge to bring them back together, in one art.

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    Begin your training with the intent to bring knowledge to those around you. Commit to teach and you will learn much faster. Our instructors are highly trained and our Martial certification program will certify you as a

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      • Massage and bone setter
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    • Master level Martial Arts recognition(9 months of full time training required @3
    • If your martial art skills are unqualified, you may come to me to qualify your skill.

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