Proven combat methods to safegaurd your self and family This is Not a sport
Tongsau The Hand of the Tong is the modern adaptive system first developed in China over 1000 years ago

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Health & Life benefits:

Defend your life, not your bank account

It's only when you train in the most deadly arts that you begin to truely value life. We hold, that no person should fight unless life is at stake. Even then, to use stages to understand when it is unavoidable that conflict must escalate to death. It is not a game of tag, or "my dad's bigger than your dad." It's real life that requires a mature mind to study the aspects of death that make life so precious to those that know.

We currently operate as a non-profit school for private instruction and healing sessions only. If you want to be on our schedule to learn or if you would like to know more about our training:

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We teach methods long lost in many arts

over 30 years of experience
tailored programs for any level of ability from athlete to limited mobility
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